Riding lessons

Level: for everyone

In our countryhouse we offer children the chance to participate in riding lessons held by qualified and trained instructors.  They enter into a relationship with the horse, we begin to know it, in a synthetic way, both morphologically and psychologically, we learn the management of animal from the ground, to respect its space and to take care of it. You become familiar with harnesses and saddles and experience getting the horse ready for the hike. They are lessons focused on the interaction between horse and man that teach the right way to relate to him to create a collaborative and rewarding relationship.

Carriage Trekking

Level: for everyone

Carriage rides are available with the possibility of visiting the Castle of Civitella Ranieri.

The trekkings that we offer among our hills in a few hours, a few days and on a full moon will make you rediscover the magic of nature and its charm, sharing these emotions with our horses. Over the years we have experienced:

– Trekking between Agritourisms and Abbeys
– Trekking in the footsteps of Braccio Fortebraccio
– Trekking between sun, stars and full moon
– Tour of Lake Trasimeno
– Monte Cucco Natural Park
– Old Spoleto-Norcia railway
– From the Chiascio Valley to the Tiber Valley
– Gubbio-Assisi: the way of San Francesco
– Towards the magical village of Montone

For the more adventurers:
– Camino de Santiago in the saddle
– Trekking immersed in the Brenta Dolomites
– Among the waves of Sicily